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Air Pistol

10 Meter Air Pistol

The 10 meter air pistol is an Olympic shooting event governed by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

It is shot with 4.5 mm (or .177) caliber air guns at a distance of 10 metres (11 yards), and the match consists of a qualification round of 60 competition shots within 75 minutes.

Competitors are allowed to shoot an unlimited number of shots during the 15 minutes preparation and sighting time

Along with the 50-meter pistol, it is considered a precision shooting event. Thus, numerous shooters compete in both events.

There are some restrictions on the pistol regarding its dimensions, weight and trigger pull weight. It must be operated by one hand only from a standing, unsupported position. The shooter decides his or her own tempo as long as the maximum time is not exceeded.

After the qualification round, the shooters with the top eight scores move on to a final round consisting of 24 competition shots. After the tenth shot, individual commands are given so that the audience may follow the progress of the standings.

Air Rifle

With a bull’s-eye the size of a pinhead, this is no casual plinking sport.

Air Rifle – is shot by men and women in competitions from club level to the Olympics. All shooting is done from the standing position but Canada is starting to get involved in the 3 Position.

Rifle shooting has become very popular in Europe and the USA. Men and Women are placed in classes according to ability so the thrill of winning is available to all who try this fast growing sport.

It is a really good learning tool for young shooters to get started into the sport and it is used to teach safety, proper gun handling and target skills all across Canada.

.22 LR Sporting Rifle

This discipline is very popular.

It was developed to encourage beginners and junior shooters in shooting events and is primarily a Canadian event.

Activities range from recreational shooting at local clubs through to the Provincial and Canadian Championships.

The lower cost of equipment and availability of used Rifles has made this event very popular.

Match Rifle

Match Rifle shooting usually consists of shooting from standing, kneeling and prone positions (Commonly called 3-Position shooting).

This style of competition was introduced to the Olympic shooting venue in 1948 using .22 LR rifles shot at 50 meters distance.

Until 1984, Men and Women competed side-by-side in the 3-Position event but the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles saw a separation of the match into a Woman’s and Men’s competitions.

MPRA members are only allowed at the WRPA Miller Road range on scheduled winter monthly match dates to compete under the guidance of MPRA match director and range officers.

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