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Manitoba provincial rifle association


Novice Program

Cost: $125 (Requires MPRA membership)

Level: Beginner

Length: Three 10-week programs annually ,starting in October

The Novice Program starts in October and is 10 weeks in duration. The program is offered 3 times per year.

You will have an opportunity to learn the basics of Target Shooting which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Safety and respect for Firearms
  • Range commands
  • Parts of a rifle/pistol
  • Safe operation of a rifle/pistol
  • Shooting techniques
  • Introduction to competition & goal setting

*At the end of the course, we will give you $125 (cost of actual course) off the $250 Marksman Program.

About the program:

  • No previous experience is required.
  • We accept all skill levels starting with children aged ten years and above.
  • You will have an opportunity to shoot both pistols and rifles, both .22 Rimfire and air rifles and air pistols.
  • We shoot only air rifles and pistols at our Nairn Avenue Range, but .22 LR rifles are shot at the Gateway Range.
  • Once you complete the Novice course, you will have an opportunity to convert your Novice course fee to a complete range program.
  • Converting it will entitle you to participate in our other small-bore programs.
  • You will continue to receive coaching to improve your shooting skills.
  • We supply everything you need to shoot during the Novice Program (including the pellets).
  • After the program, we still provide the rifles and coaching, but you will have to purchase the pellets ($15 per tin of 500) through the MPRA.

10-meter air rifle and pistol are Olympic Sports enjoyed the world over. Air Rifle and pistol This is also a sport that you can participate in for the rest of your life. Many seniors (from their 50's to 90+ years of age) still Target Shoot with us through our Seniors Program. 

Target Shooting is a sport that everyone can participate in and enjoy their whole life. We welcome all to come out and try shooting air pistols and rifles (as used in the Olympics for a 10-meter competition). This program will appeal to retired seniors, as the program runs on Wednesday mornings. Rifles and Pistols (and other necessary equipment) are supplied during the program. Our range is one of the best in North America with "State of the Art" electronic targets (SIUS). The rifles and pistols are fully adjustable, as is the shooting position.

Senior's Program

Cost: $160 (Requires MPRA Membership)

Level: All

Length: Annual

  • Target Shooting is a sport that a person can enjoy for a lifetime.
  • The program will appeal to retired seniors, as the program runs on Wednesday mornings.
  • The MPRA may provide all necessary rifles, pistols and other necessary equipment for program participation.
  • Our air gun range (Nairn) is one of the best in North America with "State of the Art" electronic targets (SIUS).
  • Rifles and pistols are fully adjustable, as is the shooting position.

Adaptive and Para Program

Cost $250 (Requires MPRA Membership)

Level: All

Length: September to May/June

This is a new MPRA program in 2022.

We are just in the throws of setting the program up and securing the additional equipment necessary to allow all our athletes to feel comfortable in the Sport of Target Shooting.

  • We will provide all essential adaptive equipment to enable each person to properly train and shoot competitively in this Paralympic Target Shooting Sport. We are restricting this Program to Air Rifle and Air Pistol (.177 cal.).
  • The training will start by using our Novice Program Training Plan and then flow into our Marksman program agenda. The coached training will occur once per week, with time in between for practice. Once the athletes have completed the Novice level, they will advance to Marksman training.
  • At this level, the athletes take part in the SFC Recreational Target Shooting Program and the Coast to Coast air rifle and pistol Championships. Our monthly Club matches and the MPRA Target Shooting League will also be available. The participants will learn more about all these matches as their shooting abilities improve.
  • The coached training session will probably take place on Saturday or Sunday Mornings, and the practice throughout the week at convenient times for the athletes.
  • The MPRA will supply all necessary equipment except pellets.
  • Pellets and other types of shooting products may be purchased online from our store. An example would be Excite pellets (500 per tin) $6.00, Finale Match pellets or R-10 pellets (500 per tin) $16.00.

Marksman Program

Cost: $250 (Requires MPRA Membership)

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Length: September to May

  • This program follows from the Novice program, building the athlete's skills and confidence through advanced coaching and practice.
  • During this program, the athlete is encouraged to enter local, provincial, and select national matches.
  • Equipment may be supplied if required.


Cost: $250 (Requires MPRA Membership)

Level: Advanced

Length: September to May

  • Must reach a certain level of skill, based on match scores.
  • Head Coach Bruce McDonald coaches this course; increased level of coaching, amount of practice increased.
  • Entry into local, provincial, and national matches is encouraged.
  • This smallbore program includes both rifle and pistol training.

Training for Coaches & Officials

Cost: TBD

Level: All

Length: TBD

  • For those interested in coaching or becoming an Official, the SFC and NCCP offer training.
  • Some courses are free while others have a cost.

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