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Manitoba provincial rifle association


Membership types & costs:

  • Regular Membership = $75/year
  • Junior (Under 25) Membership = $25/year
  • Family Membership (Up to 2 parents and children under 18) = $125/year
  • Life Membership = $400
  • Non-shooting Associate = $25/year

Membership process:

Step 1:

  • Fill out the appropriate membership form available below. (Smallbore or Fullbore)
  • Please note that membership itself does not include the cost of any programs.

Step 2:

  • If you want fullbore and intend to enter DCRA sanctioned high power matches, you must sign up for a DCRA (Dominion of Canada Rifle Association) Membership in order to shoot on a CF Military range.
  • If you want to compete in SFC sanctioned smallbore events, you must also sign up for a SFC (Shooting Federation of Canada) membership
  • Note: If you want an all-inclusive membership for smallbore, sign up for the Sport Performance Centre Activity Fee.
  • Sign up for programs (i.e. Novice Program, Marksmanship Program, etc.) as applicable.

Step 3:

  • Mail the completed form to the MPRA with cheque payment or Electronic Money Transfer

Smallbore Membership Form

Fullbore Membership Form

Join the MPRA

MPRA Membership

Full membership allows access to:

  • 920 Nairn Ave., lower level (Air Pistol/Air Rifle-10m only, indoor)
  • CF St. Charles Rifle Range (300m-1000yds)
  • Gateway Gun Club Range (.22 LR Rifle, indoor)
  • Miller Road Range (.22 LR Rifle, indoor)
  • Minto Armoury Range (.22 LR Rifle, indoor)

Family Memberships:

  • Comprises parents and child/children under the age of 18
  • Family members must reside at the same address
  • Maximum of 4 (Exceptions may be possible)

Associate (Non-Shooting) Membership:

  • Available for those who do not take part in any shooting activities
  • Wish to support the Association and receive the Buffalo Chips news bulletin



All members, including Club affiliates, will receive notice of events such as matches, coaching clinics, official’s clinics and other items of interest taking place in the Province. These items will be published on the website and in the Buffalo Chips or sent out in special bulletins. This will enable us to communicate with as many Manitoba shooters as possible.

*SFC Insurance comes MPRA membership.


High Power Rifle and Recreational .22 Rim Fire Rifle Shooters

Anyone wanting to shoot organized High Power Rifle or recreational .22 Rimfire Rifle must be a member of the Manitoba Provincial Rifle Association (MPRA) and a member of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA).

It is through the DCRA that Liability and Accidental Death/Dismemberment Insurance coverage is secured.



Pistol, Air Rifle and .22 Rim Fire Rifle Shooters

Anyone wanting to shoot Pistol, Air Rifle and .22 LR Rifle competitively must be a member of the Manitoba Provincial Rifle Association (MPRA).

As a part of the SFC (Shooting Federation of Canada), the MPRA is covered by its insurance. It is through the SFC that Liability Insurance is secured.


DCRA Membership

*DCRA insurance is separate for fullbore only.

For High Power Rifle shooters who wish to shoot at the National Championships.

For High Power shooters who do not wish to shoot at the National Championships, the DCRA Associate membership is for you.

DCRA full membership includes insurance, use of DND ranges and 2 copies of the DCRA Marksman magazine.

DCRA Members must pay the annual DCRA fee to the MPRA, who will forward information and payment to the DCRA. The DCRA will, in turn, send out the DCRA membership card directly to the member.

DCRA Life members must pay the annual Liability Insurance fee to MPRA.

SFC Membership

Further information about SFC membership can be found on the SFC Website.

Manitoba Provincial Rifle Association is a non-profit organization.


Manitoba Provincial Rifle Association

920 Nairn Ave (Lower Level), Winnipeg, MB

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