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Manitoba provincial rifle association

Join the MPRA

Sorry, online membership registration is currently not available. We hope to have it available soon.

Membership process:

Step 1:

  • Fill out the appropriate membership form available below. (Smallbore or Fullbore)
  • Please note that membership itself does not include costs of any programs.

Step 2:

  • If you want fullbore and intend to enter DCRA sanctioned high power matches, you must sign up for a DCRA (Dominion of Canada Rifle Association) Membership in order to shoot on a CF Military range.
  • If you want to compete in SFC sanctioned smallbore events, you must also sign up for a SFC (Shooting Federation of Canada) membership
  • Note: If you want an all-inclusive membership for smallbore, sign up for the Sport Performance Centre Activity Fee.
  • Sign up for programs (i.e. Novice Program, Marksmanship Program, etc.) as applicable.

Step 3:

  • Mail the completed form to the MPRA with cheque payment or Electronic Money Transfer

Smallbore Membership Form

Fullbore Membership Form

Manitoba Provincial Rifle Association is a non-profit organization.


Manitoba Provincial Rifle Association

920 Nairn Ave (Lower Level), Winnipeg, MB

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