The MPRA has two shooting disciplines; High Power Rifle & Smallbore Target Rifle (.22 and Air rifle)

The MPRA, in co-operation with its affiliated Clubs, serves to support the needs of all shooter’s in the Province. To provide an opportunity for any person in reaching their potential through the provision of programs for developing athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers, by promoting, organizing and regulating the Sport of shooting. The MPRA acknowledge Sport Manitoba as our Sport Partner.

The Manitoba Provincial Rifle Association Inc. is a registered, non-profit amateur sports organization that is the Sport Governing Body for rifle shooting in Manitoba, representing and serving target shooters throughout the province. The membership consists of individuals and clubs interested in furthering target rifle sports as safe, recreational and competitive activities and improving the public acceptance of target shooting sports.

The sport sets no limits for those who are involved. Some want only an hour or so of recreation per week while others seek Olympic Gold Medals. Youth, adults and the very senior all participate through out the province.

Rifle shooting is a year round recreation sport, outdoor in the summer and indoors in the winter. Clubs are located through out the province. As with most sports today, you can spend a lot of money, but many rifle shooters invest only a few hundred dollars in equipment and find the cost of ammunition and targets far less than expected. Most clubs have equipment to lend beginners to help them get started.

If you would like to enter a competition, a classification system is used which assures that the thrill of winning is available to everyone, by competing against others of similar and known ability.