Target Rifle (TR) F-Class Target Rifle (FTR) F-Class Open (F-Open)
Rifle Type .308 Winchester or .223 Remington single shot, bolt action rifle. .308 Winchester or .223 Remington single shot, bolt action rifle. Any single shot, bolt action, non-magnum calibre rifle up to 8mm may be used.
Rifle Weight No weight restrictions but max. weight of 6.5 kilograms is required by some countries (UK). Weight including all attachments (scope, bipod, etc) not to exceed 8.25 kilograms. Weight of rifle including all attached accessories may not exceed 10 kilograms.
Bullet Weight Bullet weights limited to maximum of 156 grains for .308 Win and 80 grains for .223 Rem. No bullet weight restriction. No bullet weight restriction.
Trigger Weight Minimum trigger pull of 0.5 kilograms. However, minimum pull of 1.5 kilograms is required at Bisley. No trigger weight restriction. However the trigger must be safe. No trigger weight restriction. However the trigger must be safe.
Sights Any vernier “peep” sight adjustable for wind and elevation is allowed. Optical accessories such as a diopter fitted to the rear sight or an Eagle Eye fitted to the front sight are allowed. Any sighting system may be used. Any sighting system can be used.
Support The rifle must be fired from the shoulder in the prone position with no support except for the use of a fitted sling. A bipod may be fitted and a rear bag may be used. Benchrest style front shooting rests are not allowed. A front mechanical rest may be used and a rear support.
  • Muzzle brakes not allowed
  • A spirit level may be fitted to the rifle foresight and a spotting scope is recommended.
  • Shooting is normally done in pairs with 7, 10, 15 shot strings.
  • Team shooting is usually done in single shooting style
  • Bulls eye targets are used at ranges from 300-1000 yds. / 300-900 m.


Shooting takes place at St Charles Rifle Range, Saskatchewan Avenue, Winnipeg by kind permission of Department of National Defense, 17 Wing, CFB Winnipeg. The ranges are 300-1000yds and 300-600m. We use DCRA/NRA targets and some Palma metric targets.



Shooting season normally starts at the end of April and finishes in September. We shoot most Wednesday nights from 6-9pm and Saturdays 10am-6pm, Sundays 9am-2pm. All these times are subject to range availability. Timings may vary. See schedule and telephone before you travel.

St Charles Range Schedule 2015


Competitions are held on various weekends. The Manitoba Open Championship is held on the August long weekend. We send teams to The National Championships in Ottawa, where representatives for the National Team to Bisley are selected and to Saskatchewan (at the Nakomis range) for the Saskatchewan Open and the Prairie Provinces annual match.