The Manitoba Provincial Rifle Association invites you to join us at our new Shooting Sport Performance Centre for a 2-day Air Rifle/Pistol Event. All courses of fire on SIUS Ascor Scoring Systems. 

Match Details and Registration Form

Day 1 (Saturday October 24, 2015) 

Men & Jr. Men: 60 Shot Match
Women & Jr. Women: 40 Shot Match

Relay 1: 8:00 AM
Relay 2: 10:00 AM
Relay 3: 12:00 PM (Ladies only)

Match winner will be determined by a point addition to their course of fire.
1st - 4 points
2nd - 3.5 points
3rd - 3 points
4th - 2.5 points
5th - 2 points, etc...

Men's Pistol Final: 1:30 PM
Women's Pistol Final: 2:30 PM
Men's Rifle Final: 3:30 PM
Women's Rifle Final: 4:30 PM
Awards: 6:00PM


Steven Spinney - ISSF Judge Level A - Rifle, ETS
Maureen Spinney - ISSF Judge Level B - Rifle

Day 2 (Sunday Oct 25, 2015) 

All Athletes: 40 Shot Match

Relay 1: 8:00 AM
Relay 2: 9:30 AM
Relay 3: 11:00 AM

Rifle Super Final: 1:00 PM
Pistol Super Final: 2:30 PM
Awards: 4:00 PM (once finals are completed)
Over $2500 in prizes!!

Pre Event Training and Equipment Check: 4 - 7 pm Friday, Oct 23
First Come, First Served Basis. (equipment check optional, random testing will be done)

Match Rules:
Cut Score Match - SFC and ISSF rules will apply. It is the responsibility of the athlete and coaches to be familiar with the current ISSF rules. 
Rules and Regulations for Super Finals Match will be forwarded to each athlete upon registration. 
All athletes will be classified as per the SFC classification system. Classification will be checked with the SFC prior to the competition. 
ALL equipment must meet ISSF specifications. 
International Junior - under 21 as of December 31, 2015.
Sub Junior - under 17 as of December 31, 2015.

Relays filled on a first come, first served basis. Payment due with registration (registration accepted on site if positions available).